Fertility Journey

Understanding  the Patient Experience

Key Insights from the Patient Journey

While the path toward parenthood can be rewarding, we know it can be difficult as well. We’ve studied the patient experience to identify common obstacles, learn what motivates patients to fully pursue their goals of starting or growing their families, and understand what’s needed so we can provide solutions along the way.

Patients Want Answers Fast

Patients are constantly looking for new information around fertility timing, tools, and lifestyle modifications to help improve their fertility chances.

Knowing this can help you and your team provide patients with the education and support they need to take action.

Searches are conducted about fertility per month1

Community is Important

The amount of information patients receive over the course of treatment can be overwhelming. That’s why many patients seek out others who have had, or are going through, a similar experience.

We’re proud to have a community of people and advocates that can connect patients for added support.

I felt so overwhelmed after my first appointment; it’s been helpful for me to learn from others’ experiences.”

Cost can be a challenge

The financial aspect of fertility healthcare is no small thing, and it can be a dealbreaker for many.

To help aspiring parents access the care they want, Ferring has programs that can help offset that cost for eligible patients.

Of couples forgo recommended treatment due to cost2

Infertility Takes an Emotional Toll

The fertility journey can be a challenging one for any aspiring parent.

We offer no-cost, one-on-one support via text message with our program, Fertility Outreach. Our trained fertility coaches can answer aspiring parents’ questions in real-time and provide information that can help them feel more prepared.*†

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stress can reduce
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Emotional support makes a difference

There can be multiple reasons why patients drop out of treatment. However, research shows that psychological burden and emotional strain are at the top.4,5 Taking an empathetic approach to care for both you and your team can help reduce patient dropout significantly.6

To help enhance the care you provide, we’re proud to offer webinars and other resources to share best practices and perspectives on ways to optimize the patient experience.

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