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We provide tools and resources for clinics and staff to help improve the overall patient experience.

Educational Resources for Clinicians

Get expert perspectives and clinical education with webinars and digital learning tools.


Fertility Skills

Discover our free eLearning platform for clinical experts, FertilitySkills—powered by EngagedMD. This training tool provides:

  • 2.5 hours of evidence-based content from the basics to clinical treatment options
  • Trusted information by expert nurses, APPs, REIs, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) specialists, technology educators, and more
  • Easy-to-use information that is accessible at any time
Webinar Series

Progressing the Patient & Clinic Experience in Fertility Care

Watch The Power of Empathy, the first video in this series. This webinar examines the role of empathy in fertility care and explores how it can help improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, as well as reduce staff burnout. Topics include:

  • Key data and expert panelist perspectives on the importance of empathy in fertility care
  • Identifying pain points in the patient journey that may require additional support
  • How to build empathy and forge emotional connections for your patients and practice

Find Help Supporting Your Patients

Our programs are designed to help you support your patients—from educational tools so they can learn about treatments, to guides that can help them prepare for their appointments. We also offer a range of financial assistance programs to help them with costs throughout the journey.

Our support programs can help your patients:

  • Prepare for their appointments
  • Connect with a fertility coach for one-on-one support
  • Find a community of people they can relate to
  • Navigate insurance

Our financial assistance programs can help patients who:

  • Are on select Ferring fertility medications
  • Have had cycles canceled due to COVID-19 or a natural disaster
  • Have elected to freeze their eggs
  • Are veterans and spouses seeking IVF treatment
  • Are seeking fertility preservation prior to cancer treatment

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